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SolarGO - Portable Solar USB Charger

SolarGO - Portable Solar USB Charger

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Product Description

Introducing SolarGO, your on-the-go power solution. Say goodbye to dead phones and USB-powered devices with this versatile, must-have accessory.

Whether you're hiking, camping, or simply out for the day, SolarGO is your reliable companion. Capturing the power of the sun, it ensures you always have a backup plan, even when you're far from an outlet. This makes it an essential tool for emergency preparedness, ensuring you can stay connected and informed during unexpected situations.

Imagine you're on a weekend camping trip and your phone is your only means of communication. You wake up to find your phone battery is running low, but with SolarGO, you can easily charge your phone using the sun's energy, keeping you connected to emergency services or loved ones in case of unforeseen events.

Plus, with its corded rechargeable feature, you can conveniently top up its power whenever you need to. Never worry about missing important calls, losing GPS navigation, or being unable to capture precious moments on camera.

SolarGO keeps you connected and powered up, providing both daily convenience and peace of mind in emergencies, no matter where life takes you.


How efficient is the SolarGO - Portable Solar USB Charger compared to traditional wall outlets?

It is nearly as efficient, charging devices at a rate similar to or better than wall power. It also recharges via USB-C cord for fast, reliable power.

Is the SolarGO - Portable Solar USB Charger practical for everyday use, or just for emergencies?

It is designed for both daily use and emergencies with dual-charging capabilities for constant connectivity.

How quickly can I expect my SolarGO - Portable Solar USB Charger to ship after ordering?

Orders ship within 3-5 days for most customers, with delivery times varying by location. Expect prompt delivery.

Can the SolarGO - Portable Solar USB Charger charge multiple devices at once?

Yes, it is equipped with 2 USB ports to charge 2 devices simultaneously.


  • 2 USB Output Ports
  • 1 USB-C Input Port for Charging (Cable Included)
  • Solar Panel Input for Charging
  • 1 Bright LED Flashlight
  • 1 Integrated Compass

Our Take

This is our opinion, the SolarGo - Portable Solar USB Charger is a versatile product. It is not constrained to emergency preparedness kits or even reserved for people who are "preppers." It has legitimate and practical everyday use applications. From busy coffee shops without access to a power outlet, to long, phone battery draining trail runs, it can be made useful everyday on the go.

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